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"It’s not really love, is it?"

The Fault In Our Stars


I don’t know why we’re here. Isaac sits to my right in the Literal Heart of Jesus, his hand on my leg because the chairs don’t have arms.
"Stop bouncing your leg." he says, patting it in what i’m sure is supposed to be a comforting way. I don’t want to stop the movement- it keeps my mind focused…


if John Green writes a book and calls it ‘Fishing Boat’ all the profits will be fishing boat proceeds.


Hey look. I did the thing. 

So… this is what some nerdfighters do instead of studying


I was the green dude.


When faced with a boring winter break, what do my friends and I decide to do? Spoof John Green books of course!

How I imagine John Green writes his books

John: I'm quite proud of these characters I've developed
John: I can't wait to kill them